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Air Forces of Latin America: Brazil

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ISBN: 9781802827729

Air Forces of Latin America: Brazil

As the largest country in Latin America, Brazil has a correspondingly extensive military aviation capability, with a rich history building on the country’s participation in World War Two.

In recent years, a modernisation process has been taking place, heralded by the introduction into service of the Embraer KC390 and the Gripen NG. Despite budget constraints, Brazil is transforming its military aviation into the most powerful and modern air force in Latin America, adding new technologies such as unmanned aerial vehicles, airborne early warning and control and improved intelligence platforms.

Brazil’s navy and army also have air arms, each well equipped for their specific roles, but all are facing challenges to retain their autonomy and incorporate new missions while maintaining the security of such a vast country, with difficult-to-control borders and a long coastline. Brazil’s federal security forces are entrusted with special missions and all have their own aviation resources.

With more than 140 high-quality colour pictures, this book provides an extensive overview of all Brazil’s forces, including a brief history, tables of organisation and equipment, and future plans.


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ISBN: 978 1 80282 772 9

Price: £16.99

Series: Air Forces Series, vol 12

Format: Paperback, 96 pages

Author: Santiago Rivas