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What is my customer number?

Your customer number is 5 or 6 digits long. This can be found on the piece of paper containing your address label, which you receive with your magazine or on any correspondence.

Can’t find it? Here’s how to get in touch:

Call +44 (0) 1780 480404 Email


What are the benefits of subscribing?

Subscribers benefit from the best price per issue available on print and digital products.
And pay nothing for postage. In addition, subscribers have exclusive access to products and services such as event tickets, and seasonal sales. Subscribers also get money off all our shop products.

Visit subscription offers for the latest prices

Still have a question?

Call+44 (0) 1780 480404 Email



How quickly will I be able to access my digital subscription?

As soon as your digital subscription has been confirmed by an email acknowledgement, you will be able to access the latest issue. Instruction on how to access will be in your email acknowledgment.
From that point onwards, you will receive all future issues, as long as your subscription remains active.

Still have a question?

Call +44 (0) 1780 480404 Email

How do I log into

To login to please visit the website using the below link.

Please have your registered email address, Customer ID number, username and password to hand.

Still have a question?

Call +44 (0) 1780 480404 Email


What is a bundle magazine subscription?

A bundle magazine subscription is a subscription that enables you to have both the E-magazine to download and the print magazine delivered or website access depending on the bundle purchased. It's offers you the best of both subscriptions at a heavily discounted rate. Each issue of the print magazine will be delivered to your door, and when you want to read on the go you will also be able to access on your mobile or tablet.


Can I add digital to my existing subscription?

Yes. we are happy to help. Get in touch and we’ll help you to choose the best package for you

Call+44 (0) 1780 480404 Email


How do I change my address?

Simply call us or email and we will be happy to help.

Call+44 (0) 1780 480404 Email

How do I renew my subscription?

If you paid for your subscription as a one-off payment by using either your credit/debit card, PayPal or cheque we will send you a reminder before the end of your subscription.

You can check the status of your subscription and renew all of your orders here by clicking on the 'Renew' section in your online account. To log in go to:

If you have not yet registered, for your online account yet you can do this by going to:

Please note if you pay by a recurring payment method such as Direct Debit, continuous credit card or recurring PayPal you do not need to renew your subscription as your contract will continue until you cancel it with ourselves and your bank.

Still have a question? Just get in touch.

Call +44 (0) 1780 480404 Email


Can I purchase a subscription as a gift?

Yes. you can order on the website. Visit subscription offers for the latest prices

or give us a call on +44 (0) 1780 480404 and we can find the perfect offer for you.
We can even send you a gift card which will be delivered to the payers address for personalisation

How will I receive my free download code for subscribing to PC Pilot?

Your download code and relevant instructions will be sent to the email address registered to your Key Publishing account, usually within 48 hours of placing the order.

If for some reason we do not hold an email address, we will then post the code and instructions to the delivery address that we hold on our system

If you have any problems downloading your code, please contact us using the email address below.



What payment methods do you accept?

For subscriptions, we accept credit/debit card, or direct debit (UK only).

For all other purchases, we accept payments by credit/debit card and PayPal.

Unfortunately, we do not accept American Express or Maestro.

What currencies can I purchase in?
We accept payments in Pound (GBP), US Dollar (USD), and Euro ( EUR) for all products except subscriptions. Subscriptions are in Pound (GBP) only. Your location is detected based on their geographic location and browser or device language. You can switch to a different currency by using the country selector in the footer of the website.