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FlyPast July 2021

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The July 2021 issue of FlyPast profiles two stunning Australian warbirds which made a special flight to celebrate the Royal Australian Air Force’s centenary. Photojournalist Matt Savage got airborne alongside Jeff Trappett’s magnificent Sabre and Mustang – the latter, flown by Gerard Lappin, graces our cover. Enjoy our exclusive feature in which Matt profiles Jeff’s remarkable military and civilian career and focuses on two of this esteemed collector’s special aircraft.

Hundred bombers
A massed US strike on Lille in October 1942 heralded a new phase in World War Two’s aerial fighting, as Andrew Arthy explains

The Percival story
Christian Nielsen profiles the enigmatic Edgar Wikner Percival, an aircraft designer renowned for his sleek interwar light aircraft

Silver wings
Darren Harbar gets airborne alongside a stunning Ryan STM-S2 that made its UK aerial debut in March at Old Warden

Blue Angels
Malcolm V Lowe looks back on the history of the US Navy’s legendary display team as it marks a special anniversary

Icelandic hero
Graham Pitchfork outlines the career of the RAF’s only Icelandic fighter pilot, Thorsteinn Jonnson

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