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New Spring/Summer Catalogue OUT NOW - Save £5 when you spend £30

F-15 Eagle

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104 and Counting

Born and raised as a McDonnell Douglas jet in the early 1970s, the F-15 Eagle remains the world s greatest post-war fighter with a kill tally of 104 for no losses.

In the late 1970s, a US Air Force requirement for a tactical strike aircraft resulted in the F-15E Strike Eagle. Designed as a multi-role aircraft, like its F-15 Eagle sister ship, the F-15E is also proven in combat, and remains the US Air Force s tactical strike aircraft of choice, one with a lethal air-to-air capability.

This new publication provides details of the history, heroics and service career of the type, and the latest versions entering service. The publication also covers selected operators, pilot training, maintenance, and tech files on the aircraft s main systems.

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Credit: US Air Force/TSgt John McRell

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