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De Havilland Military

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ISBN: 9781802827705

De Havilland Military

NOTE: This is a new book edition of Aeroplane’s De Havilland Company Profile 1920–1964 (Military Types).

Geoffrey de Havilland’s first attempts to fly were in 1909, and this early part of de Havilland’s career saw him rise from an enthusiastic amateur designing his own aircraft to a key figure and test pilot, working for the fledgling Royal Aircraft Factory within a relatively short space of time. By the beginning of World War One, de Havilland had become chief designer at Airco, where he created several successful military machines. He left to form his own company, de Havilland Aircraft Company Ltd, and it was there that he produced some of his greatest aircraft. The company also produced its own engines, beginning with the successful Gipsy. It grew to include other subsidiaries such as de Havilland Canada and de Havilland Australia.

Geoffrey de Havilland’s contribution to the British aircraft industry was colossal, and many of the aircraft included in this book have remained household names from the day that they first flew. Tiger Moth, Mosquito, Vampire, Venom, Comet and Sea Vixen are just a few; all of them sewn into the tapestry of an industry that, only a few decades ago, led from the front. This new book edition showcases the legacy of one man and his aircraft.

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ISBN: 978 1 80282 770 5

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Series: Aviation Industry Series, vol 8

Format: Paperback, 128 pages