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Commando Force

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The Royal Marines Commandos are the navy’s sea soldiers, poised to deploy across the globe at short notice.

At 36 weeks recruits to the commandos face the hardest and longest training of any infantry unit across NATO.

They have a long-established relationship with their cousins in the US Marines and have deployed alongside each other in several conflicts.

The two forces operate very similar tactics and today, the Royal Marines are re-shaping their future in a project called Future Commando Force, which will replicate the future template of the US Marines.

Since World War Two, when the commando capability was raised, the Royal Marines have been on operations every year, with the exception of 1968. And, in the 21st century the commandos now welcome women into their ranks as they train to deal with any crisis of the future.

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Expected Release Date: April 25th 2024