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Railways of Asia: Singapore and Malaysia

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ISBN: 9781802828689

Railways of Asia: Singapore and Malaysia

During the last quarter of a century, the railways of Singapore and Malaysia have experienced extensive change. Singapore’s independence from Malaysia in 1965 was followed by the city-state’s breakneck expansion into an economic powerhouse, with its rail network growing rapidly to serve its highly concentrated population. One latterly abandoned section has been put to equally significant use as a rail trail and nature corridor.

In Malaysia, meanwhile, the railway network has been extensively modernised and large parts electrified, particularly in Kuala Lumpur, the capital, with further development still to come. Cross-border services to and from Singapore have also evolved to link these safe, inexpensive and ultra-modern networks.

With over 170 colour photographs taken on several visits to the region, this book follows on from the author’s works on Japan, South Korea and Taiwan. It incorporates important historical events and technological developments, and explores the museums that celebrate previous accomplishments during this part of the world’s rich railway history.


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ISBN: 978 1 80282 868 9

Price: £16.99

Series: World Railways Series, vol 9

Format: Paperback, 96 pages

Author: Dave Spoonley