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Pre-Order Cappagh Branded Royal Blue JNA With Taillight - V8

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Exclusive to the Key Model World Shop is a collection of Cappagh operated JNA-T box wagons with a choice of branded and unbranded Royal Blue wagons - expanded at Model World LIVE with an additional eight running numbers.

This example is 8170 5500 733-7 (Cat No. OO-EAL-107X) with Cappagh branding with a functioning flashing tail lamp.

Delivery is expected in the third quarter of 2024. Secure your PRE-ORDER with a £5 Deposit (non-refundable). When the model is available the Customer Services team will contact you for the Remaining Balance of £47.95.

New to the Key Model World Shop is collection of eight individually numbered 'OO' gauge Cappagh operated JNA-T bogie box wagons produced exclusively by Revolution Trains. This is wagon 81 70 5500 733-7 with Cappagh branding and a flashing tail lamp.

These box wagons were introduced in 2016 and more than 500 are now in service with a number of freight operators. The Cappagh branded wagons are seen behind DCR operated Class 56 and 60 locomotives across the network on flows to and from Peak Forest, Middleton Towers, Merehead Quarry, Machan Quarry and more.

The wagons are formed into trains of up to 18 wagons when hauled by Class 60s including 60029 Ben Nevis - 16 when hauled by the remaining Class 56 56091 Drive Wayne Gaskell - with a mixture of branded and unbranded vehicles.

Delivery of these Revolution Trains JNA-T wagons is expected in the third quarter of 2024.

Pre-order today with a deposit of £5 per wagon. Full price £52.95.