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Land Rover Series II/IIA

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Land Rover Series II/IIA Book Classic Vehicles Series: Volume 2

A highly illustrated portrait of the Land Rover Series II/IIA of 1958-71, by the editor of Classic Land Rover magazine. Following a redesign of the Land Rover 4x4, the Series II, now a valued classic popular with enthusiasts and collectors, was launched in April 1958 with the Series IIA being introduced in 1961. It is generally accepted that these were some of the strongest ever built and it was these that formed the basis for specialist applications such as fire tenders, mobile cinemas, military models, ambulances, campers and those used to drive winches, pumps and agricultural machinery. The distinctive Station Wagon models became popular with overland travellers and were often seen on location in TV nature programmes. This highly illustrated book, written by the editor of Classic Land Rover Magazine, offers a portrait of these much-loved vehicles, including many variants and the events they attend.

Author: John Carroll

Paperback, 96 pages

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