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EgyptAir: Weathering Storms

Airlines Series, Vol. 14

Established in the 1930s by Egyptian and British investors, and now thriving in its eighth decade, EgyptAir began life as Misr Airwork, connecting the strategically important political and economic centres in Egypt with neighbouring Arab countries using a fleet of de Havilland aircraft.

At the onset of World War Two, the Egyptian government took control of the airline, continuing operations and expanding networks and its fleet. Through mixed fortunes, the airline has weathered the establishment and dissolution of a new union, as Egypt and Syria came together as the United Arab Republic and soon after parted ways. It has withstood domestic, social, political and economic turbulence, and maintained its operations through several Middle Eastern wars and revolutions.

Unfortunately, high-profile hijackings and tragic accidents have put the airline in the international spotlight. Throughout its history, the Egyptian flag carrier has faced many difficult times, including restructuring to improve profitability, the COVID-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine, all of which have proved challenging. This detailed account of the company’s operations, fleet and history are illustrated with historic and contemporary photographs of the different aircraft, liveries and logos that have helped define the airline.

Author: Jozef Mols

Pages: 96 Pages