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Bachmann Class 40 40145 BR large logo blue DCC sound fitted

Original price £329.95 - Original price £329.95
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£329.95 - £329.95
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Bachmann Class 40 40145 East Lancashire Railway limited edition, £329.95 – DCC sound-fitted


Key Publishing has joined forces with Bachmann to offer a unique livery on the English Electric Class 40 modelling 40145 in its preservation era large logo blue livery for ‘OO’ gauge.

The Class 40 is owned by the Class 40 Preservation Society and was the first of its design to return to the main line in preservation following withdrawal of the last of the class, 40122, by British Railways in 1988.

40145 was preserved in 1984 and by 1994 it had been completely overhauled by the Class 40 Preservation Society at the East Lancashire Railway. It subsequently gained main line certification in 2002 and has been a popular performer on main line railtours across the country as well as on heritage lines.

In 2007 40145 saw its BR blue livery give way to a unique application of large logo blue, as it might have been painted had it been retained in service by BR. The locomotive was also named East Lancashire Railway. It retained this colour scheme on main line and preserved railway visits until 2010 when a traction motor flashover while working the ‘East Lancs Explorer’ charter brought the locomotive in for repairs. During its time on the main line 40145 reached Devon, Cornwall, the Scottish Highlands, the East Coast Main Line, Norfolk and South Wales.

40145 now carries BR green with small yellow warning panels and its original number D345 and continues in main line operation. It is currently on loan to West Coast Railways.

Key Publishing’s latest ‘OO’ gauge limited edition models 40145 East Lancashire Railway as it was between 2007-2010 using Bachmann’s existing Class 40 but with a flurry of new upgrades. New features include revision of the nose to incorporate the high-intensity headlight carried by 40145 as well as factory-fitted twin speakers and a Plux22 DCC interface.

This DCC sound fitted version is factory fitted with an ESU LokSound V5 sound chip. Full sound demonstration coming soon on

The specification caters for a five-pole motor, twin flywheels, directional lighting, turned metal wheels, sprung buffers and NEM coupling pockets. Nameplates will be printed on the model with etched versions included in the accessory pack.

The limited edition of 40145 is available exclusively through Key Publishing. This DCC sound fitted version has Bachmann catalogue number 32-489ZSF.


F0 - Directional lights on/off

F1 - On, fuel pump on, warm engine start

     - On/off, fuel pump on, failed engine start

     - On/off/on, fuel pump on, cold engine start

F2 - Brake (function and sound)

F3 - Horn

F4 - Horn

F5 - Heavy load

F6 - Coasting

F7 - Maximum revs

F8 - Coupling up (on), uncoupling (off)

F9 - Flange squeal (speed dependent)

F10 - Fan noise

F11 - On guard's whistle, off driver's response horn

F12 - Cab light on No. 1 end

F13 - Cab light on No. 2 end

F14 - High intensity light (with F0 on)

F15 - Auto uncouple cycle

F16 - AWS horn

F17 - AWS bell

F18 - Sound fade out (on), fade in (off)

F19 - Mute

F20 - Directional lights off No. 1 end

F21 - Directional lights off No. 2 end

F22 - Manual notching

F23 - Spirax valve

F24 - Station announcement

F25 - Driver's door open (on), driver's door shut (off)

F26 - Air dump

F27 - Exhauster