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New Spring/Summer Catalogue OUT NOW - Save £5 when you spend £30

1745 - Jacobite Battle for Britain

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1745 Jacobite Battle for Britain, a 100-page historical special written by James Hoare, looks at the last battle to be fought on British soil, when in the autumn of 1745, the people of Great Britain and Ireland were asked what sort of country they wanted to live in. Kings and Princes, of course, had their own opinions on how the future should look but the success or failure of the Jacobite 45 was in the hands of ordinary people who were asked to stand up and fight. Features include: THE ORIGINS OF THE JACOBITE RISING After two centuries of rebellion, reformation and regicide, Britain was done with the Stuart dynasty, but the Stuarts weren t yet done with Britain. THE JACOBITE ARMY Discover the martial traditions of the Highland levies and the veteran units of Irish emigres on loan from France. THE GOVERNMENT ARMY The redcoat concealed a wide variety of experiences, abilities and allegiances, from the Black Watch to the Invalid Companies, and the raw recruits to the vestrymen. RAISING THE STANDARD The Young Pretender passes through the Western Isles and the Highlands, gathering strength while the British Army's Sir John Cope loses his nerve. THE MARCH TO DERBY With hastily raised militia scattering in their wake, the Jacobites march unopposed through Cumberland, Lancashire, Cheshire and Derbyshire.