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Aviation Photographer

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
£4.99 (Latest exchange rate: $6.83 or €5.98)


This first, landmark issue of Aviation Photographer harnesses the passion of aviation photography from around the world. Over 116 high-quality pages, the most eminent photographers take you inside their thought process and share the stories behind some of the most breath-taking aviation images ever produced. 




How to get the best out of an airshow 


How to get your images published 

Jamie Hunter’s defining photography moments  


Rich Cooper’s “Shots of the Year’ 


Katsuhiko Tokunaga’s most recent gear test 


…the best in the business give you the full insight in the first issue of Aviation Photographer,  


This special magazine is also available to download – click here for details.
Special magazines, 116 pages.

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