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Su-57 Felon

Ref: KB0043
By: Key Publishing
£14.99 (Latest exchange rate: $20.63 or €17.78)


Su-57 Felon Book

Modern Military Aircraft Series: Volume 2

In December 2020, the first Sukhoi Su-57, codenamed Felon by NATO, entered service with the Aerospace Forces, making it Russia’s most recent combat aircraft. It is a multirole aircraft combining the functions of both a fighter and strike aircraft, with design features that include stealth, supersonic cruising speed and manoeuvrability, the latest sensors and weaponry, and network-centric warfare capability. Fully illustrated with over 170 full-colour photographs, this book describes the trials of the T-50 prototypes and the implementation of the Su-57 into series production, as well as looking at the design, characteristics and combat capabilities of this fifth-generation fighter.

Author: Piotr Butowski

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Softback, 96 pages

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