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Marine Air-Ground Task Force

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Marine Air-Ground Task Force: The Pinnacle of Combined Arms Warfare

Authored by: Scott Cuong Tran and Nick Tran

128 Pages (landscape)

No other military fighting force in the world has the same mystique and aura as the United States Marine Corps (USMC). Since its inception, the USMC has embraced its reputation of being a hard fighting, aggressive, and rugged military branch. Marines take great pride in their heritage, and it extends to all parts of their organization, from their warrior ethos to their uniforms. However, their bravado is not empty, as the Marines have centuries of victories to back up their elite status. The core competency of the USMC is being able to quickly project power anytime and anywhere, and this expeditionary force projection is achieved with the Marine Air-Ground Task Force (MAGTF). The MAGTF brings air and ground assets to the fight while also supplying important logistics, all working in unison to attack and defeat the enemy. With over 130 stunning photographs, this book showcases the capabilities, equipment, and implementations of the MAGTF around the world.

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