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World War II: 1943

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The year 1943 was crucial in the Allied effort to defeat Axis forces and eliminate German, Italian, and Japanese totalitarian expansionism around the world.

The pivotal turning point at Stalingrad, where the Soviet Red Army defeated the invading Nazis, led to a massive offensive effort that ended with the hammer and sickle banner flying over Berlin.

American and British forces ejected the Axis from North Africa and captured thousands of prisoners, then landed in Sicily and Italy, carrying the fight to continental Europe on two fronts.

In the Pacific, Japan was thoroughly on the defensive after the loss of Guadalcanal, and US forces began their long island march toward victory.

These are the compelling moments of 1943. Explore the moments that brought Allied triumph inexorably closer and gain greater understanding of the momentous conflict that was World War II.

Expected release date: 28th September 2023