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Vickers Wellington: 70th Anniversary(Reissue)

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Until the advent of the heavy bombers - the Stirling, Halifax and Lancaster - the Vickers Wellington bore the brunt of Bomber Command’s onslaught on occupied Europe. Built using the revolutionary geodetic construction developed by Barnes Wallis, the Wellington developed a reputation for being able to take a lot of punishment and still bring crews home.

Wellingtons served widely, becoming workhorses for the Operational Training Units, sub-hunters for Coastal Command, transports and testbeds and were even used as low-flying minesweepers! Post-war the Wellington served on overseas and as a crew-trainer for the RAF. Reissued to commemorate 70 years since its retirement in 1953, this 100-page special from the team behind FlyPast magazine provides a much sought-after tribute to an incredible warplane.