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RAF Salute D-Day 70th Anniversary

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Written and edited by expert contributors, the Official Royal Air Force Salute D-Day 70th Anniversary souvenir edition commemorates the pivotal role played by the RAF on D-Day and in the wider Operation Overlord.

War Chariots

Assault gliders enjoyed a brief but vital role with the world’s airborne forces.  They were essential to the D-Day operation, delivering soldiers and essential equipment to critical landing zones, as RAF and Allied transports disgorged paratroops overhead.

Battling the Doodlebugs

Shortly after the Allies landed in Normandy, Germany launched its V-1 flying bomb offensive against London.  Faced with a new defensive challenge, the RAF pitted Spitfires, Tempests and the first of its Meteor jet fighters against the elusive unpiloted menace.
Typhoon Close Support

The Hawker Typhoon wreaked havoc among German armour and troop formations, attacking with rockets and bombs beyond the beachhead.  Using pioneer forward air control tactics, the Typhoons delivered close support to ground forces as the battle evolved. 

Air Defence Today

Today the air defence of the UK is trusted to the RAF’s Eurofighter Typhoon, standing Quick Reaction Alert duty at Coningsby and Leuchars. Number 3 (Fighter) Squadron, top-scoring unit in the anti V-1 campaign, provides an overview of modern air defence.

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