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First World War - An Illustrated History(REISSUE 2013)

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World War One was the most destructive conflict the world had known with scarcely a family throughout the UK and Commonwealth being untouched by the terrible slaughter of such battles as the Somme, Ypres, and Gallipoli.

In this 132-page special from the team behind Britain at War magazine, the key events that shaped the war are brought sharply into focus.

The war in the air, the war at sea, and the enormous effort by the countries of the Empire are all discussed, as are the major battles on the Western Front and in the Middle East.

This highly illustrated and fascinating history of ‘the war to end war’ covers the military, technical, and human aspects of the conflict, revealing graphically and poignantly how it changed the destiny of a generation.

132 Pages

Expected release date: January 4th 2024