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Company Profile: Sopwith

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The Sopwith Aviation Company was one of the most prolific aircraft manufacturers of the Great War period.  Although it only traded from 1912 to 1920 it produced 16,000 aeroplanes during the war alone and became famous for its Pup, Camel and Triplane designed.



The 100-page edition of the Company Profile series looks at all the types produced by this prolific manufacturer from the 1912 Sopwith Wright Biplane to its post-war attempts to break into the civilian light aircraft market.



Features include:


Tommy’s dogfighters of the First World War

The Sopwith designs that played a crucial role in the Allied victory over the Western Front


Sopwith Bat Boat
Britain’s first successful amphibious aircraft


Sopwith Scout (Pup)
The perfect flying machine

Sopwith Camel
The finest British fighter of the Great War



The world’s first multi-gun single-seat fighter 



Sopwith Survivors
The original Sopwith aircraft that are still surviving in the 21st century


and much more!