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FlyPast November 2021

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Bravest of the brave
The impact of RAF Bomber Command during World War Two should never be underestimated. From beginning to end, it is a tale of courage against the odds. To mark the 85th anniversary of its formation, FlyPast presents a series of articles reflecting on the courage of the personnel who risked all, and the many and varied machines involved. We also take a short trip to Lincolnshire – ‘bomber county’ – to document a few of the sites that remain.

Classics – Vickers Wellington
Our collectable and in-depth Classics section continues our tribute to RAF Bomber Command by delving into Vickers’ innovative Wellington. Former editor Ken Ellis documents the origins of the famously robust craft, an aircraft noted for its unusual geodetic construction. The twin-engined ‘Wimpy’ was an RAF mainstay in the early years of the war. Andrew Thomas provides an overview of its service, alongside rarely seen images and exclusive artwork from Andy Hay.

‘Battle of Britain’ – the movie
Hans Seeberg interviews a pilot who flew in the film ‘Battle of Britain’ and introduces him to Spitfire historian Peter Arnold who also remembers that famous production.

Focke-Wulf revival
The remarkable efforts to complete a Focke-Wulf Fw 200 Condor in Germany are documented by Stefan Schmoll

American Dream
An airworthy P-40 Warhawk pays tribute to the legendary Flying Tigers. We showcase this warbird and reflect on the legacy of those who inspired it

Falklands icon
The BAE Sea Harrier proved to be a war-winning weapon in the 1982 Falklands conflict, as Bertie Simmonds explains