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Vickers Viscount

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ISBN: 9781802826456

Vickers Viscount

First flown in 1948 and in service from 1953, the Viscount was manufactured to help transform the commercial travel market. In total, more than 400 were built and sold across every continent.

Beloved by pilots, the groundcrew who maintained the aircraft, and by passengers, the Vickers Viscount proved to be transformative, providing air travel with pressurised cabin space, meaning a quiet journey for travellers with less noise vibration and windows that offered sweeping views.

Many were sold to commercial airlines, while others were owned by private companies and individuals. Some changed hands quickly, while others stayed with their owners for years. Many Viscounts still exist, often now in museums and occasionally remodelled into quirky venues for lunch or weddings.

With such a number of aircraft constructed and a long service life, inevitably there were accidents and incidents and the details of many are recounted here. This book also covers the service lives of the Viscounts, including construction and serial numbers and the routes served.

With more than 140 historic black and white and colour photographs, this volume offers a comprehensive guide to one of the most popular passenger aircraft.

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ISBN: 978 1 80282 645 6

Price: £16.99

Series: Historical Commercial Aircraft Series, vol 20

Format: Paperback, 96 pages

Author: Barry Lloyd