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ISBN: 9781802827491

Wellington: The Backbone of Bomber Command

NOTE: This is a new book edition of Aeroplane Icons: Vickers Wellington

In 1932, the British Air Ministry issued Specification B.9/32 for a twin-engined day bomber. Key to its design success was the removal of all restrictions on the unladen weight of aircraft, enabling designers to select a powerplant suitable for the designated role of the aircraft. Significant to its success was the development of the revolutionary geodetic construction method, which allowed a traditional fabric-covered skin to clothe an innovative super-strength ‘basket woven’ aircraft skeleton. The Wellington had the potential to carry nine 500lb bombs or nine 250lb bombs for long-range attack and was declared one of the most advanced aircraft of the day. Throughout its lifespan, 19 different marks were developed, including many sub variants for a variety of roles. The Wellington’s contribution to Britain’s war effort was remarkable, initially providing the backbone for Bomber Command and remaining in service throughout the entire war.

Packed with historic photographs, detailed specifications, eye-witness accounts and manufacturing records, this new book edition details the history and development of one of World War Two’s most iconic bomber aircraft, providing a complete overview of its role in service.

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ISBN: 978 1 80282 749 1

Price: £17.99

Series: Historic Military Aircraft Series, vol 35

Format: Paperback, 160 pages