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Bradford Trolleybuses: The Early Years & Jubilee Celebration

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ISBN: 9781802823486

Bradford Trolleybuses: The Early Years and Jubilee Celebrations

Bradford trolleybuses were the ‘first and the last’ in the UK – first introduced in 1911 and last used in 1972. With only one flat route road out of the centre, appropriately called Canal Road, Bradford city centre is in a ‘bowl’ surround by 200 to 400 metre hills. Therefore, the operating environment in Bradford was perfect for quiet passenger transport that soared up the hills that surround the city. This book focuses on the 50th anniversary year of 1961, and the 19 variations of trolleybuses used in that year are illustrated along with a fleet history from 1934 (many 1934 chassis were still working in 1961). It also details the second-hand trolleybuses Bradford bought after 1951 and the extensive rebuilding and rebodying programmes that ran from 1944. The changes in livery are fully explained and illustrated, with a look at the fleet bought new and those bought from other operators, and the depot structure and service vehicles used to maintain the network are also covered. Finally, the route history and development from 1911 is fully detailed. With over 180 images, this book, the first of two volumes on Bradford trolleybuses, showcases the trolleybuses at work on different routes around the city, returning them to their heyday of 1961.

Author: Stuart Emmett

Pages: 96 Pages

Product Code: KB0188