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High Desert Deployment

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ISBN: 9781802823653

High Desert Deployment: Navy Color on Display at NAS Fallon

Since World War Two, Navy squadrons have been deployed to the high desert outside of Fallon, Nevada, to hone their aerial combat skills. Today, Naval Air Station Fallon, with its 14,000ft-long runway – the longest in the Navy – hosts squadrons and carrier air wings conducting refresher training and work-ups prior to their next fleet assignments. High Desert Deployment explains how these deployments make, and keep, the squadrons combat ready. Stunning images show the colorful history of various squadrons along with the markings displayed by the aircraft.

The popular CAG-birds that fly the squadron’s colors into battle are shown. The local base aircraft of NAS Fallon is also profiled, including the famous aggressor “Bandits,” as well as the aircraft used to train Top Gun crews. The base features an extensive air park collection of past aircraft including several MiG fighters, and gate guards that honor the aviation history of the US Navy.

High Desert Deployment highlights the aircraft that are a vital part of the US Navy’s arsenal, deployed around the world, and the training that its crews undergo.


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ISBN: 978 1 80282 365 3

Price: £18.99

Format: Paperback, 128 pages

Author: Jim Dunn and Nicholas A. Veronico