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ISBN: 9781802827057

Blenheim: Britain’s Fastest World War Two Bomber 

Historic Military Aircraft Series, Vol. 31 

Please note: this is a new book edition of Aeroplane Icons: Blenheim

Introduced to RAF squadrons in early 1937, the Blenheim’s superb performance made it the RAF’s fastest bomber for many years and, before the arrival of the Hurricane and Spitfire, also the fastest aircraft in the entire inventory. The Blenheim proved successful, despite never originating as a military requirement. The way it was built was also ground-breaking, leading to the introduction of sectionalised production. It set the standard for how virtually all British aircraft were constructed from 1936 onwards.

By the beginning of World War Two, over 1,000 served with the RAF, even though the type was clearly obsolete when compared to its German counterparts. Despite this, it served with the Fairey Battles over France. The Blenheim would suffer heavy losses and its brave crews constantly faced overwhelming odds. Fortunately, several examples have been preserved across the world. This new book edition of Aeroplane Icons: Blenheim showcases this incredible aircraft and celebrates its ground-breaking history.

Pages: 128 Pages