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Lysander; Historic Military Aircraft Series, Vol 20

Please note: this is a new book edition of Aeroplane Icons: Lysander

The Westland Lysander is one of Britain’s, if not the world’s, most easily recognisable aircraft. Originally designed for army co-operation duties, the Lysander’s career in that role was short, and it was in other capacities, including aerial liaison and ground support, that the type was destined to make a real name for itself. A Lysander would have been a welcome sight to a downed pilot in the sea during the early stages of World War Two, and, in much the same way, an agent seeking to return to England in the middle of night, likewise, would have embraced the ‘Lizzie’. The Lysander was also heavily used at air gunnery schools, and a multitude of target towing flights gave fledgling fighter pilots their first taste of firing live rounds at a moving target.

The Lysander was one of the world’s first short take-off and landing aircraft, thanks to the wonder of flaps and slats arranged in a uniquely designed wing. It served with air forces around the world, including those of Britain, India, Egypt and Canada. The Lysander never ceases to amaze those who see it; its sheer size alone defies its flying qualities, and its ungainly appearance belies the aircraft’s true versatility. This new book edition of Aeroplane Icons: Lysander demonstrates why the Lysander is, and will always be, one of the world’s great iconic flying machines.

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