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Douglas DC-8

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ISBN: 9781802824322

Douglas DC-8; Historic Commercial Aircraft Series, Vol 7

The Douglas DC-8, which began life in the 1950s as the Douglas Model 1881, became available to airliners about a year after the first Boeing 707s. However, from the outset, Douglas regarded this time lag as an advantage. In particular, it determined that safety and performance standards should be maintained without loss of flying qualities and, unlike Boeing, was able to pursue its design unhampered by consideration of military requirements. Flying with airlines such as KLM, Philippine Airlines, and VIASA, the Douglas DC-8 proved suited to work around the world. As a testament to its excellent airframe, there are currently still a handful of the 556 DC-8s built in service today, over 60 years after their introduction. This book, which features over 190 images, most of which have never been published before, explores the history of the DC-8 and those who made it the success it still is today.

Author: Ron Mak

Item Code: KB0230

Pages: 96pp