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The Space Shuttle

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The Space Shuttle

Authored by: David Baker

Pages: 96

In the aftermath of six Moon landings, and in a giant leap of faith with a largely reusable launch system, NASA pinned all its hopes on a technological wonder – the Space Shuttle. After ten years of development, it began flight operations in 1981, and, in over 30 years of sustained activity, the Space Shuttle program conducted 135 launches carrying satellites, spacecraft, experiment modules, and scientific platforms into orbit. It also helped build the International Space Station and sent expeditionary crews to the orbiting laboratory to support a permanent human presence in orbit from the year 2000.

Five Orbiters hauled loads between Earth and destinations in space, bringing back failed satellites, used experiments, and crewmembers returning after a sojourn at the Space Station. However, there have also been tragedies – two flights failed, and 14 astronauts lost their lives – but the Shuttle program continued on, learning from past failures. With over 170 images, this book shares the inspiring story of how the Shuttle came about, how it was built and how it worked – both as equally thrilling as the missions themselves, all of which are described, along with a complete list of every flight.

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