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Established for 50 years, Modern Railways has earned its reputation in the industry as a highly respected railway journal. Providing in-depth coverage of all aspects of the industry, from traction and rolling stock to signalling and infrastructure management, Modern Railways carries the latest news alongside detailed analysis, making it essential reading for industry professionals and railway enthusiasts alike.

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Rolling Stock Review 2018-19

The highly anticipated Rolling Stock Review 2018-2019 is a complete guide to the UK traction fleet covering locomotives, diesel multiple units, electric multiple units and Bi-Mode multiple unit trains. Every class of train has its own section, including a complete technical review of the class, with detailed facts and figures. All sub-classes are listed, differences explained and reasons given for their formation. Some 500 colour illustrations detail the classes, showing as many detail differences, colours and modifications as possible. Each class of loco and multiple unit is complimented by a full fleet list (by number) and the operator of the loco/train, enabling the guide to be used as a spotting book. 180 pages, Bookazine.

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