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Railways of Central Scotland: 40 Years of Change

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ISBN: 978 1 80282 823 8

Railways of Central Scotland: 40 Years of Change

Railways Series

Changes to the railway scene happen all the time. Some are major and are instantly recognised, others are more subtle and are sometimes only realised when types of motive power or items of infrastructure are no longer with us.

The last 40 years have witnessed wholesale upheaval in terms of motive power, rolling stock and infrastructure, accompanied by considerable new developments.

There has been electrification, the reopening of formerly closed lines plus new trains, running on a partially privatised network.

Many types of freight traffic have disappeared with the closure of certain industries and major changes to power generation.

Change has also been forced onto the passenger network in the last few years by the Covid pandemic and the advent of working from home.

Passenger services in central Scotland are also adapting to cater for the leisure market, with the busiest day for passenger travel now being Saturday.

With over 170 colour photographs, many of them unique, this book sets out to show the major changes to motive power and services in central Scotland over the last 40 years.

Author: Ian Lothian

96 page softback book

Expected Release Date: December 19th 2023