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Railways around York

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ISBN: 9781802826807

Railways Around York

Britain's Railways Series

The York area is a fascinating one for railways. It has everything from the high[1]speed East Coast Main Line to the cross-country main line to Sheffield and beyond, and scenic rural branch lines serving destinations such as Scarborough and Harrogate.

So, in four decades, the area has seen a great mixture of railway traffic. From heritage DMUs and Deltics to today’s Class 800s on passenger workings, Class 37s and 47s on coal and steel trains, and Class 66s on intermodal workings, the variety of motive power is considerable.

Add in the popularity of the region for special passenger trains and most diesel and electric locomotive classes have found themselves rolling through at some point.

This book explores the railways around York and its trains over four decades, illustrating the changing railway scene in that period. With over 180 photographs, the reader is taken on a journey around the York area, showcasing the wide variety of trains and motive power, on the most modern of railways and on some infrastructure unchanged since the age of steam.

Author: Mike Wedgewood

96 page softback book

Expected release date: December 19th 2023