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Rail Freight: East Anglia and Lincolnshire

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ISBN: 9781802825640

Rail Freight: Eastern England;

The Railways and Industry Series; Vol 10

Between the Humber estuary, the gateway to the North Sea at the region’s northernmost point, and the port of Felixstowe at the southern boundary of Suffolk, Eastern England is characterised by flat expanses of agricultural land and few industrial centres.

Its freight traffic, like that of other regions in the UK has seen significant change over the last four decades, as industry has shifted and, with it, the infrastructure that supported it, giving way to new opportunities and different traffic. Grain, which was once the mainstay of the region, no longer moves by rail, though whispers of former giants in the region, including oil, steel and coal, still transfer but in lesser quantities.

Niche industries are still here too, while the deep-sea exports from Felixstowe have evolved at pace, requiring the building of additional terminals.

Alongside the changing face of freight are memories of the landscape of the depots, sidings and track locations that were used, all depicted in photographs that chart the changing face of industry.

The traction that powered the movement of these goods is also featured, with characteristic haulage including Classes 31, 37, 47, 56, 57, 66, 86 and 90

Author: Paul Shannon

96 Page Softback Book

Expected Release Date: January 31st 2024