Zeebrugge 1918

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By: Key Publishing
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Key Publishing presents this special publication which commemorates the Zeebrugge raid.   The assault upon the German-held Belgian port of Zeebrugge by the Royal Navy on 23 April 1918 was not a resounding success, despite considerable efforts in its preparation and heavy casualties in its execution. Though the movements of the German submarines using Zeebrugge as a base for their attacks upon Allied shipping were temporarily restricted, the raid had a negligible effect on the outcome of the First World War. But it was a daring and bold strike which raised the flagging, war-weary morale of the British nation.


The Zeebrugge and Ostend raids resulted in a wide distribution of awards, including eight Victoria Crosses, twenty-one Distinguished Service Orders, thirty-one Distinguished Service Crosses, sixteen Conspicuous Gallantry Medals and 149 Distinguished Service Medals. This was a remarkable haul for the comparatively small number of men directly involved in the fighting in Zeebrugge, but it signified the intensity of the battle in the close confines of the harbour. 


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