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Victory in Europe

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
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Victory in Europe Special

From as early as January 1943, when Hitler’s 6th Army was destroyed by the Red Army at Stalingrad, it was evident that the war in Europe could only end in one way – with the defeat of the Third Reich. The D-Day landings in Normandy the following year only served to reinforce this. Barely four months later, the first Allied troops, from the US First Army, stepped foot on German soil.

Exploring the last battles of the war in Europe, this 100-page commemorative publication celebrating the 75th anniversary of VE Day reveals how the Germans were gradually driven back in the East and the West, until Soviet troops stormed into Berlin in April 1945. With no hope of holding back his enemies, Hitler committed suicide on April 30. A week later Germany surrendered. The Third Reich had passed into history.

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100 pages, special magazine.

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