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REPRINT Valour in the Air

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
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PLEASE NOTE: This is a re-print of a special magazine first published in 2017.

REPRINT: Valour in the Air

The Victoria Cross is one of the most prized medals in military history.

The advent of aerial warfare during the Great War meant that pilots of the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and, later, the RAF were putting themselves in grave danger on an almost daily basis. It was therefore inevitable that the new breed of aerial knights would soon feature within the ranks of VC holders.
By the end of World War One, some 19 members of aircrew had been awarded the VC for their gallantry and by the end of World War Two the total number of aviators who had received the award had risen to 51, a figure that stands today.

This special publication tells their story.

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Special magazine, 116 pages

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