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Sulzer provided a huge number of diesel engines that powered well over a thousand British Rail locomotives.  Almost all were of a low-revving inline design and proved very reliable.  They were fitted to the majority of BR’s Type 2 fleet, one Type 3 and also the three ‘Peak’ classes (44, 45, 46).  The most numerous single class was also the most powerful – the Class 47 – which could be found right across the UK rail network.  This Bookazine celebrates all of these locomotives, as well as the two Sulzer-powered prototypes, Lion and Kestrel.

Jack of All Trades – Classes 24 and 25
The power range between Type 1 and 4 was only 1,000hp, but, of the two in between, the British Railways/Sulzer Type 2 was built in the largest numbers, eventually totalling 478 examples.

BRCW’s Masterpiece Type 2
Originally used in the London area, Birmingham Railway Carriage & Wagon’s Type 2 design was to become synonymous with the Scottish Region, where it provided years of excellent service.

The Ubiquitous Brush Type 4
The Brush Type 4 (Class 47) was the most numerous large diesel ordered by British Railways and some are still active on the main line today..

Heavyweight Type 4s – The Peaks
Initially ten of the British Railways-built Type 4s were ordered as part of the Modernisation Scheme pilot locos.  Eventually almost 200 were built for the Eastern Midland and Western Regions.



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