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This is LNER

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
£7.99 (Latest exchange rate: $11.17 or €9.18)


This is the LNER!

This exciting new publication lifts the lid on the LNER and the East Coast Main Line – one of the key routes linking southern England with Scotland.

We get inside what is the second East Coast franchise operator to be owned by the government to discover why public ownership now seems to be back in vogue.

The new regime has overseen the largest fleet changes in a rail franchise since the 1980s, with the removal from service of the much-loved HSTs, the first withdrawals of the 30-year-old Class 91 and the wholesale introduction of the Hitachi-built ‘Azuma’ fleet.

Detailing the operation, the routes, the stations and the fleets of the LNER and reflecting on the early years of the East Coast mainline, this special edition is a must for both enthusiasts and rail professionals.


Special magazine, 100 pages.

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