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Liveries Volume 3 - BR Steam Years

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
£7.99 (Latest exchange rate: $9.90 or €8.89)


In the third volume of our popular pictorial guide to the UK’s rail liveries we reflect on the beginning of nationalisation and the formation of British Railways – the bringing together of the nation’s ‘Big Four’ railways with the handful of ‘independent’ lines that had escaped the grouping of 1923.

In 1948 the newly formed British Railways executive were faced with trying to provide a corporate image across a collection of some 20,000 steam locomotives in various states of repair. The fact that most were in shades of black or green should have helped but a corporate livery is about much more than the shade of paint, it’s about badges, logos, font styles and lining. The Devil is in the detail.

Compiled and edited by Colour-Rail boss Paul Chancellor, this new publication provides a comprehensive guide to the look of Britain’s railways from 1948 through to the end of main line steam in 1968. Illustrated with more than 400 images, it’s an essential resource for both fans of heritage rail and modellers.

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Special magazine, 148 pages.

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