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Lancaster 75

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
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Seventy-five years ago, on March 3, 1942, the Avro Lancaster went to war for the first time. The ‘Lanc’ became the most important aircraft in Bomber Command’s arsenal. Developed from the troublesome Manchester, Lancasters carried out hundreds of operations, the most famous being the ‘Dams’ raid of May 1943 and the capsizing the mighty warship Tirpitz in November 1944. By 1944 Lancasters were equipped to carry the 22,000lb ‘Tallboy’ bomb that created earthquake-like shockwaves bringing down bridges and tunnels. Lancasters were retired by the RAF in 1956 but continued to serve with the French navy into the early 1960s. 


This 100-page special publication from the team behind FlyPast magazine pays tribute to all who built, maintained and flew Lancasters, past and present. Using extensive archive images, renowned aviation writers and researchers present an incredible salute to an incredible aircraft. 


Features include: 

  • A tribute to the man who designed the Lancaster, Roy Chadwick 
  • How and where Lancasters were built 
  • From the disaster of the Manchester to the triumph of the Lancaster 
  • Potted histories of 75 Lancasters, from the earliest to the survivors 
  • Wartime operations and crew exploits 
  • Test-beds and trials airframes 
  • Legacy, the Lancaster ‘family’, the York and Lancastrian transports, the Lincoln and the Shackleton 


This special magazine is also available to download – click here for details.




Special magazine, 100-pages.

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