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Armistice 1918

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
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At 11.00 hours on Monday, 11 November 1918, the guns fell silent across the battlefields of Europe. After the deadliest conflict the world had ever seen, peace had finally arrived.

Since the withdrawal from the Somme and the repulse at Verdun, the Germans knew they could not win the war and had sought a negotiated end to the fighting. This was rejected by the Allies and the fighting continued until, almost two years later, with its economy on the verge of collapse, Germany had no choice but to accept defeat and seek terms – any terms – for an armistice.

This eagerly awaited 116-page special features a graphic account of what really happened on the Western Front 100 years ago in the last few months of 1918. .

This special magazine is also available to download – click here for details.

Special magazine, 116 pages.

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