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Famous Fighters of World War 1

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By: Key Publishing
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Aviation came of age in the 1914-18 war. When the first shots of the conflict rang out, flying machines were still regarded as nothing more than flimsy novelties. However Commanders soon learnt that he who controls the skies, controls the battlefield… and the fighter aircraft was born. Within four years, aircraft had evolved into battle-hardened killing machines. Ace pilots were portrayed as modern knights, the dogfights as chivalrous duels. The face of warfare had been changed forever. This is that story.


Compiled by world-renowned aviation journalists, Famous Fighters of World War One contains stunning original photography with colour aircraft profiles that reveal the bright colours of the these early warbirds, this combined with dramatic paintings by the acclaimed artist Russell Smith that portray the harsh reality of combat, make this publication a must purchase for all enthusiasts of historic aviation. 




The Top 10 Fighter Aircraft 

The top 10 fighters of the era are featured in chronological sequence, each chapter providing a detailed and fascinating account of the subject aircraft, which include: SPAD SXIII, Albatros and Airco DH2.



This is the age when pilots were as famous as their machines, none more so than Baron von Richthofen in his red Fokker Triplane.  

and much more!

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