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C-130 Hercules - The World's Leading Airlifter

Magazine Specials
Ref: SPECC130
By: Key Publishing
£8.99 (Latest exchange rate: $12.38 or €10.62)


C-130 Hercules: The World's Leading Airlifter

Originally designed and built by Lockheed as a troop, medical evacuation and cargo transporter, the C-130 Hercules has proven itself an amazingly versatile aircraft.

Today the type is used for a variety of missions in addition to the original tasks, including aerial firefighting and weather reconnaissance.

This much-anticipated special publication covers many of the military versions, including extensive content of C-130J variants, and the commercial L-100 and LM-100J. It is an essential read for all aviation enthusiasts.

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Special Magazine, 116 pages

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