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Modelling British Railways - Engineers Wagons 2

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
£8.99 (Latest exchange rate: $12.11 or €10.71)


Modelling British Railways
Engineer’s Wagons 2 – Modernisation

From the late 1970s, British Rail began a programme of renewing its civil engineers wagon fleet, first replacing the most elderly examples with vehicles displaced from regular freight duties. This process accelerated during the 1980s and early 1990s with modern, higher-capacity wagons taking over, often finished in colourful liveries. This latest volume in the Modelling British Railways series will detail this progressive modernisation through a mix of well-illustrated prototype histories and modelling features with the scope also expanding to include many of the different types of rail cranes employed. The wagons used by other maintenance departments will also be examined, including those of the signalling engineers.

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Special magazine, 116 pages

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