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The Blitz: 80th Anniversary

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
£7.99 (Latest exchange rate: $10.93 or €9.33)


The Blitz: 80th Anniversary.

Bombers over Britain: 1940 - 1941.

‘The Few’ had defended Britain against the might of the Luftwaffe. Then, on September 7, 1940 everything changed. Instead of the duel for airfields, the target of the bombers was London. The Blitz had begun.

For two months, London was systematically attacked. Then the bombing spread to Liverpool, Bristol, Cardiff, Hull, Birmingham, and Belfast, among many. Coventry was hit so hard that Nazi propaganda coined a new word – Coventrieren - to flatten a city.

With sections on the life in the shelters, Britain’s air raid defences, bomb disposal and the darker side of the Blitz – looting. This must-read, special publication from the makers of Britain at War looks back to discover what life was really like in late 1940.

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Special magazine, 116 pages.

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