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Britain's Buses 4

Magazine Specials
By: Key Publishing
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Special Christmas Price

Over 116 pages, the fourth volume of Britain's Buses celebrates 40 years of the MCW Metrobus, one of the double-deck bus designs that defined the 1980s and 1990s.

In words and pictures - most of them in colour - expert authors tell the story of its development in the 1970s, of how a Birmingham-based bus bodybuilder turned itself into a manufacturer of complete vehicles that challenged the hitherto all powerful Leyland to supply nearly 4,000 of them to leading bus operators in Britain and the Far East before production ended and MCW closed in December 1989. A bus that continued to provide reliable transport into the 21st century.


Design and development
For the first time, an insider close to the development team explains how the Metrobus was conceived, developed and put into production in a short space of time, initially for the UK, later for Hong Kong and then was updated into a more cost-effective UK vehicle.

Key markets
How it was tailored to the needs of major customers London Transport and West Midlands Passenger Transport, and production was stepped up when Leyland hit big production delays in building its rival Titan double-decker. Why it also sold in substantial numbers to other major cities including Manchester, Sheffield, Glasgow and Leeds.

Bodybuilding partners
Why MCW increased its sales of Metrobuses by supplying the chassis to rival bodybuilders Alexander and Northern Counties — a move that won significant sales in Scotland and Greater Manchester.

Metroliner coach
Why MCW followed up the Metrobus by developing an express coach version, the six-wheel Metroliner double-decker, for intercity motorway travel.

The legacy
The Dutch-built DAF double-decker that was developed in the 1990s using the Metrobus as its design launchpad.

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116 pages, Special Magazine.

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