Britain's Buses 3

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Over 116 pages, the third volume of Britain's Buses marks the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Leyland Atlantean, the revolutionary rear-engined double-decker that changed the shape of British buses when introduced in 1958.

In words and pictures - most of them in colour - expert authors tell the story of its development in the 1950s, of the impact it made when it first appeared and of the huge engineering challenge it presented bus operators when it first went into service. It also looks at how bus body designers developed stylish coachwork to match the leap forward that it represented over traditional designs with the engine at the front.

Prototype to production
From test vehicles with the engine squeezed on to the back platform, how the Atlantean turned bus design back to front

Teething troubles
The unexpected problems that operators encountered on early Atlanteans and how they were eventually put right

Motorway coaches
How Ribble Motor Services used them to provide fast luxury travel on the fast growing intercity road network

Manchester, Newcastle and Edinburgh
The impact that the move to rear engines made on some of the major cities that bought Atrlanteans

The rivals
Daimler's Fleetline, Bristol's VR and Guy's Wulfrunian offered different answers to Leyland's design lead

London Transport's trials with Atlanteans and Fleetlines, and its solitary rear-engined Routemaster


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