Armistice - A Century of Commemoration

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By: Mirrorpix
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This November sees the 100th Anniversary of the end to one of the bloodiest conflicts in human history.  Millions of lives were lost across the globe, new borders were carved out and the resulting consequences would change the face of the world forever. 

From the start of the conflict, The Daily Mirror covered the war across all of the key battlegrounds which has resulted in amassing a huge collection of photographs that document the daily life of the ordinary soldier as well the horrors that faced both sides.

In this 156-page special magazine, we take a look at the war from the outbreak and the early battles to that fateful day in November when the guns fell silent.  Also included is a look at how the Armistice agreement unfolded plus personal stories of soldiers on the front line, all illustrated with rare images taken by Daily Mirror photographers.  We also take a look at the recent events that have looked to commemorate anniversaries of some the most notable battles, as well as looking at how a nation has remembered.


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