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A350: Full-bodied Twin

Magazine Specials
Ref: SPECA350
By: Key Publishing
£7.99 (Latest exchange rate: $10.34 or €8.86)


Airbus A350: a full-bodied twin

This eagerly anticipated publication looks at why the A350 appealed to two of the world's top five largest airlines, and asks whether the appeal of the A350 contributed to the axing of its big sister, the A380?
Many herald the A350 as a market leader and A350: A full-bodied twin investigates the reasons why. Lavishly illustrated and compiled by the team behind Airliner World, this perfect bound publication compares the aircraft with the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and includes sections on selected A350 operators together with technical files on the aircraft's main systems.

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Special magazine, 100 pages.

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