Classic Airliner: Concorde

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Classic Airliner: Concorde

From the team behind Aeroplane Monthly, comes a series of bookazines looking at notable airliners that pioneered a new era of air travel. Featuring beautifully restored pictures, detailed articles, illustrated drawings and pilot experiences as well as a double-sided pull-out centrefold which features a detailed scale cutaway diagram and accompanying images.

This 100-page bookzine offers a remarkable insight into the origins of Concorde- the supersonic passenger flight and one of the 20th Century's greastest achievements.  

Features include:

The SST Story
Making a bullet, shell, rocket or jet fighter travel at supersonic speed seemed like a walk in the park compared to the concept of a passenger carrying airliner.

Concorde, Olympus Power
The Bristol Aircraft Engine Division produced an engine that was in advance of its time and one variant was selected to power Concorde.

Building the World's Fastest Airliner
It was no mean feat to construct the world's first supersonic airliner and the fact that it was carried out by two major manufacturers in two different countries.

The Passenger-Carrying Fleet
With almost 240,000 flying hours between them, a large proportion of them flown at supersonic speeds, the 14 production Concordes certainly made up for their lack of numbers by offering the ultimate flight for almost three decades.


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